Transfer Hired Applicants into your HR System as New Employees

If you use a HRIS (HR Information System), we can send your newly hired applicants from EasyWeb ATS to your HR System, so you don’t have to spend time creating a new record for your new employees.

If you have a HR system then please contact about the potential to integrate our ATS with your HR system. We are always keen to integrate with HR systems and do not charge for this service. However, whether we can integrate will largely depend on your HR system provider.

We have two ways of integrating:

1. Semi-automated integration via uploading new employee records

This option is typically used when the HR system provider cannot or will not look to build a full integration with us. It works by us building a report of newly hired applicants for you. This report is specifically designed so that the data is ready to be downloaded into a .csv file and can be uploaded directly into your HR system.

Whilst this approach is not fully automated it is relatively simple to build and can save the user significant time when compared to manually entering data.

2. Full integration

A full integration will work by connecting our ATS with your HR system provider. In simple terms, you can think of this as a bridge where we are able to push our applicant data over to your HR system to create a new employee record. We currently fully integrate with the following systems:

  • Breathe
  • BambooHR
  • FourthHR

This is how this process works in our system:

1. The user selects that they have a hired applicant they want to transfer into the HR system

2. The user views, confirms and updates the data they are about to send into their HR system

3. The system confirms that this process has been completed

4. If your HR system is super friendly, we normally produce a confirmation email that is sent to you, with a link to view the newly created applicant record