Support multiple companies within a corporate group with One User Login

EasyWeb ATS is simple to deploy. So simple in fact that for some companies we deploy multiple ATS systems that are all linked. This allows each brand greater flexibility for each division / brand, whilst also allowing pre-defined admin users to move between each system without having to login or out.

Here are some of the key benefits of this feature:

1.Separate branding for each brand/company

We help implement branding of jobs pages, emails etc for each brand/division.

2.Individual recruitment process for each brand/division

Not all divisions within an organisation will recruit in the same way. By having individual recruitment processes for brand/division you have greater flexibility to design a recruitment process that meets each individual brand/division’s needs.

A good example of this would be application forms. Each brand/division might need their application forms designed in a very different style with different questions.

3.GDPR compliance

If your organisation is a group of individual companies then your privacy policy might not allow for candidate data to be shared with all parts of the group. By having a separate ATS for each company within the group you have more control over how and if data is shared and can therefore easily stay compliant. To read more about the full range of features to offer to help you stay compliant with GDPR click here.

4.Individual Reporting for each Brand/Division

With each brand/division operating within their own ATS, they will each have access to their own individual reporting.

5.Controlling access to data

You might not wish for recruiter users to be able to access data on applicants/jobs etc from outside of the brand/division that they work for. Each user’s access can be controlled to provide or withhold access to the ATS used by each brand/division.

If the user is provided access to more than one brand/division’s ATS then they can easily transfer from one ATS to the next without logging in/out.


There are many benefits in being able to separate out each brand/division into their own ATS. Too many in fact to mention here. There are also occasions when it makes sense to keep each division within one main ATS. Feel free to reach out and contact our staff who can help you to understand what the best solution for you might be.