Standalone Mobile Application Form

Each ATS comes with a separate mobile application form. This allows the client the freedom to decide what information they require from an applicant on a mobile phone. It could be that due to regulatory requirements the client needs all the same information from mobile applicants as they do from a laptop/desktop applicant. However, some clients might also take the view that mobile applicants are more likely to become frustrated answering a long application form and decide to abbreviate their mobile application form in order to maintain a high completion rates.

There are two main types of mobile application forms we recommend:

1. Standard full mobile application forms

These typically contain 80-100% of the questions asked on the laptop/desktop version of the application form.



2. Quick apply mobile application forms

These are typically used by NFP/Charity or Public Sector clients who do not require a CV document but prefer each applicant to provide detailed information about their work experience, education, gaps in employment etc. When a form asks for this level of information we typically recommend getting mobile applicants to register their interest in the job and then they instantly receive an email to complete the full application form when they have access to either a tablet or desktop/laptop pc.

One Page Mobile Application Form


Email Link to Continue Application Form from a PC/Laptop

EasyWeb will provide monthly reports from Google Analytics to highlight your overall completion rate by applicants and also how this differs for desktop, tablet and mobile users. In addition to this, we will also provide benchmarking data as to the average completion rates for each type of device so you can compare your own forms performance.

Any changes that a client needs to make to their mobile application forms can normally be completed within 1 working day and are free and unlimited.