Standalone Jobs Site or Embedded Jobs Table

EasyWeb offers two primary options when publishing your jobs to your website…

Standalone jobs page

We own the domain and can easily setup a new jobs page for your organisation based at a URL such as:

This jobs page is branded to match your corporate image, so all your web team/administrator needs to do is to direct interested jobseekers by adding a link from your main website to the new standalone job site we have created for you.


Click here to view the live version of this jobs page

Table of vacancies embedded on your website

If you prefer, you can choose for us to provide you with a jobs table that is branded with the correct colours and fonts to match your corporate branding. This jobs table can then be easily added to your website by your administrator. Now, when the webpage is loaded it will call back to the ATS and confirm which jobs are live and ready to be published and they will be listed in the table.

To see the live version of this jobs page, see: