SMS Messaging

In the busy digital society we live in, SMS text messaging is a great way of grabbing candidate’s attention. EasyWeb ATS allows it’s professional and premium edition customers to setup an SMS account and then benefit from sending both automated SMS alerts and individually crafted SMS messages.

Setting up your Account

As there are some additional costs for using SMS (the service is delivered via a 3rd party) we need to setup each customer with their own individual account. The costs are:

– Setup (includes support and dedicated virtual number): £200
– SMS Batch Purchase: £60 (1000 @ 6p each)

Your Virtual Mobile Number will look like a normal UK mobile phone number and people will pay a normal SMS cost to send SMS messages to it. It is not a premium rate number. All replies from candidates to this number can be redirected for free to your preferred email address.

SMS Messages

The appropiate candidates can be selected from the “update status” view and then you can click “Send SMS.”


SMS Alerts can be sent to multiple candidates in one process. These are individually crafted messages that can be easily sent to one or multiple candidates in one go.