Multi-Branded Job Adverts

With the Multi-Brand feature, you can choose how to brand your live vacancies. This feature helps applicants understand the position of certain vacancies and how their potential new role will be dedicated to certain aspects of your business, just from looking at the vacancy page.

So, how does Multi Brand work?

  1. Ask the ATS support team to add as many brands as you like to your ATS.
    This will include a dedicated header image, you can also choose to add a different logo
  2. When creating a new job in the ATS, there is a drop-down field named ‘Select Brand’.
    Click this and choose from the brands you have created.
  3. When you’re ready, make your job live.
    Its page will have its own branding on mobile and on desktop.

This feature is a great & simple way to enhance the different brands within your business to prospective employees.

Even if your organisation isn’t structured into multiple brands, you could still use this feature for roles in different departments. For example, different images for vacancies in your marketing, technology and sales teams.

How to get this feature:
If you’re a Premium or Professional ATS client, all you have to do is ask a member of our team to turn it on for you. Either contact your Account Director or the support team at or via phone on 01933 667 164.

If you’re not a Premium or Professional ATS client but think this feature would be great for you, why not contact your Account Director to discuss your options?

If your organisation is comprised of multiple-brands/companies where the recruitment process is different, you may want to look at our Multi-Client feature: