Major UK Job Boards Integrated with Application Forms

For the past 10 years jobseekers have been actively searching for and viewing jobs on mobile devices. Many job boards report over 50% of their viewers are on mobile or tablet devices. Applicant tracking system providers however, are not reporting that over 50% of their applications come from mobile devices. The primary reason for this is most application forms require a CV document to be uploaded and the vast majority of mobile applicants cannot complete this task from a mobile device.

The good news is that the job boards finally came up with a solution to this issue. When an applicant sees a relevant job on a job board and clicks to apply they are sent over to the job advert and then the application form that is managed by the Applicant Tracking System vendor. If this vendor has integrated with the job board they are able to call back to the job board and acquire the applicant’s basic details (name, email etc) and their CV document. This results in a dramatically higher application numbers specifically from mobile applicants who are no longer struggling to attach their CV from their phone.

This feature has become the standard for most job boards and all of our application forms are integrated with the following job boards:

The following integrations are in development and due soon:

Please note: Even if you do not have a direct contract with any of the above job boards you will still benefit from this integration if you are using these job boards via advertising campaigns with EasyWeb Recruitment.