Intranet Integration

EasyWeb ATS allows you to publish vacancies to your intranet so that your internal applicants can apply. This works by us providing you with a job table widget that you add to the relevant part of your intranet. Then when one of your employees views this page on your intranet they will see all the jobs that you have published there. You can also decide to publish to your intranet first, before publishing a vacancy externally.

See below for an example from Eurocell’s intranet:

Your employees are pretty well known to you, so you don’t need to get them to answer all the questions you might ask of an external employee. To ensure that your internal recruitment process is fit for purpose we provide you with a separate internal application form that your employees complete. This form is typically shorter and might also include some questions you only ask internal candidates, such as “Have you informed your hiring manager you are applying for this position?”

This is how Eurocell’s internal application form looks: