Forward Multiple Applicants’ Details via Email

Once you have screened the applicants for a vacancy the next step might be to forward them as a batch to one or more of your colleagues. The system can support this action.

Start by selecting the applicants you want to forward and then select the option to ‘send details via email’ (see below).

The next step is to choose where you want to forward the applicants to. You can simply choose to send them to your inbox and then forward them on. Alternatively, you can send them directly to the recipients. Here you can choose if you also want to have the applicants’ statuses updated or not.

Here is the final email that the recipient would receive. Please note: That all the attachments are renamed with logical filenames so that it is easy to understand which applicant they relate to.


Please note: We would not want recipients who prefer to receive applicants via email to have less information available to them than a user who logs in to review their applicants. This is why we create a PDF application form that includes all of the answers (with the exception of diversity information) to all of the questions that the applicant gave when they applied online. This also includes any vacancy specific questions. You can read more about this document here.