Easy to Use, Two Page Application Process

Most application forms include a sign in or registration process before you even start your application. Once you have registered the application form is overly complex and spread over many pages.

Our application forms are typically two pages long. The first page is called the “Pre-application page” and asks for the following information:

  1. Your name and email address. This is so we can check to see if you have already applied for this job.
  2. Confirmation of how you first heard about this job. This is important to gather as soon as possible in order to get accurate information before the jobseeker forgets.
  3. Answers to any vacancy specific questions that were added by the recruiter when the job was setup on the system. These can include “auto-reject questions” that would reject the applicant before they have the chance to progress onto the main application form.

Below is an example of both steps of an application form with next directory.

The second page is the main application form and includes all the other key information that is needed to assess this applicant’s suitability.