Custom Forms (coming soon)

One of the more technical but exciting features we have developed is Custom Forms. This feature is planned for release at the end of 2018 and will be available for all Premium Edition customers. Each Premium Edition customer will be able to have our technical team build and deploy 2 free custom forms. Each additional form after the initial 2 will be charged at £500 per form.

What are Custom Forms?

The idea for custom forms came from the technology that sits behind our application forms. You may not be aware but we have designed and built an application form builder that allows our technical team to build and deploy new application forms without adding a single line of code. This means we can offer unlimited free updates to your application form as…well, it’s easy.

So we thought about where else we could use this technology and realised that so many of our clients have other forms that they would love to bring online and integrate into their ATS. These forms are typically very bespoke and all work in different ways. For other software companies this would mean expensive bespoke development but we have custom forms!

Examples of how you can use Custom Forms

1. To gather additional information from an applicant

No longer do you have to ask every candidate for every piece of information you need, right at the start of the process. This typically means you end up with a long application form and lose many of the best candidates who grow frustrated and abandon the form. Now you can ask us to reduce your application form down to just the essential information you need to decide if a candidate is worth shortlisting and you can ask us to build a custom form to collect the extra information you need. This custom form is then deployed at a later stage in the process.

Here is an example:

  • Step 1 – Applicant applies by completing a short application form providing their current salary, notice period, CV, contact details etc

  • Step 2 – You review details and arrange a telephone interview
  • Step 3 – After a successful telephone interview you explain to the candidate they are a very good fit for this position and you would like to schedule them in for interview. However, they will need to complete your more detailed application form*

You can see in this above example you are asking for the candidate to make the big effort of completing your detailed application form, only after you have demonstrated that your organisation is genuinely interested in them.

*This example might apply for many NFPs/Charities that need to collect a lot of information if, for example, there are safeguarding considerations for the position.

2. To gather reference details later in the process

We understand you need to take references from every person you hire. However, asking for reference details from all applicants at the start of the process seems a bit onerous. Some applicants might stop their application to go and confirm their references, and might not return to complete the process. Other applicants might be nervous about adding a current employers reference details.

Our solution with Custom Forms would be to have the ability to change an applicant’s status at the appropriate time in the recruitment process, to trigger an email to them requesting their reference details. The applicant is far more engaged with your organisation than they were at the start of the process and they will likely respond quickly to this request.

Once the form is completed an email can go to the recruiter for the position to verify this information and ensure that these references are suitable. Assuming they are, the recruiter edits the email and forwards it to the relevant referee. Each referee will complete a further online form with the details of the reference immediately emailed to the recruiter to review. The details of the reference are also stored as a PDF document against their applicant record. Once the recruiter is happy that they have two suitable references then they can progress the applicant on the next step in the recruitment process.

3. Post offer paperwork

Do you have forms to complete and admin to organise once an offer has been confirmed? Wouldn’t you love to take this admin away and let the ATS do the hard work? Here are some examples that we have heard from customers of post-offer processes they would like to resolve with an online form:

a) Requests to authorise the organisation to take background checks, perform drug testing, etc

b) Requests to arrange for IT to set up systems/network account for a new user

c) Requests to arrange company car, business cards, mobile, etc

For some organisations we can build their entire post offer process into one form that once the recruiter has completed it that form generates the necessary emails to the candidate, testing providers, payroll, IT, etc to ensure that everything is in place for this new hire from day 1.

4. Telephone / face to face interviews

Do you have a series of questions that you or your hiring managers cover as part of a telephone or face to face interview process? We can build you your own custom form that would allow you to record their answers and other notes. When submitted this form would be converted into a PDF document and saved against the applicant’s record. It can then be shared with colleagues later in the recruitment process.

5. Something else we have not thought of yet

If there is an admin process within your recruitment process, there is a good chance that a custom form could help streamline it.  Bring us your admin and we will create you a form!