Competency Based Questions & Bespoke Scoring

Many organisations have a formal process they use to score applicants prior to deciding upon an interview shortlist. EasyWeb ATS is able to help streamline this process and make it more robust by bringing it online in your ATS.

Here is how it works:

a)      ATS Setup

As part of your implementation our team set up the scoring to match your current process. For some clients they score 0-3 for others its 1-10, if you score with numbers we can support your process. As a final step to help your hiring managers to score consistently, we can provide some guidance notes from you on what an applicant needs to demonstrate in order to achieve a certain score.

b)      Job set up – adding competency based questions

The recruiter or hiring manager will either:

  • Add a series of competency based questions (each one typically focused around a specific criteria that will be scored against)
  • Add a generic question asking the applicant to demonstrate their suitability for this position for example: “Please review the person specification and detail why you feel you are a good fit for this position”

Competency based questions will vary for each role. They are typically paragraph style questions, please see below for an example:

c)      Job set up – adding your scoring criteria

The recruiter or hiring manager would create the job and add the normal details about location, salary etc. In addition to the normal options, they will also be asked to add the scoring criteria to a job. Each of these criteria will be individually scored to create an overall total score.

d)      Scoring applicants

Hiring manager(s) are then required to score applicants against this criteria based on the information in their application. They would typically look to do this based on the answers the candidate gave to their person specification question or the competency based questions.

The right hand window in the applicant view defaults to show the answers to these questions. This makes it super easy for hiring managers to access these answers.


Hiring managers can then login and complete their scoring.


e)      Totalling the scores and making decisions

Once an applicant has been scored by all hiring managers that are included in your panel, they can be processed. The applicant list shows the average total score for each applicant. From here one member of the panel, usually working under the agreement of their colleagues, can make decisions as to who has made the interview shortlist.


Coming Soon

The next upgrade to this feature will include the ability to report on all aspects of your scoring. It could be that one of your hiring managers is consistently scoring higher or lower than their colleagues, or perhaps you are seeing lower scores for candidates from certain sources. A major advantage of number based scoring is that the potential for reporting is unlimited!