Auto-save an Applicant’s Progress

The internet is a wonderful thing, but it is prone to occasional technical failures. Even the most motivated applicant might suffer from a technical issue with their PC/laptop or broadband connection that could see them not able to complete their application form. So whatever stops your applicant from completing their application we will ensure we have saved their progress. Every incomplete application results in an email to the applicant to remind them that their data is saved and they can return to the application anytime before the closing date to complete this process.

Email Invitation to Return and Complete Details

The modern day jobseeker is very busy with finding a job competing against many other day to day pressures. Every applicant starts an application form with the intent of completing it but for some perhaps due to time or technical issues (for example a mobile applicant commuting to work on a train) they may not complete the form at their first attempt.

In order to maintain high application form completion rates, EasyWeb ATS will ensure that we capture the applicants name and email as our first questions and email them a link to complete their application in case they are not able to do so on their first attempt.

This practice works similar to the ecommerce practice whereby the online shop will send you a reminder if you add items to your basket but you did not complete the checkout process. It is a simple strategy that acts as a friendly reminder to applicants and helps to boost your overall application form completion rate.

Below is an example of the email that an applicant will receive once they have submitted the pre-application form.