Feature Release: Multi-Branded Job Adverts

It’s time to shout about yet another great new feature, released to Professional & Premium ATS editions.

You can now choose to brand your vacancies differently, depending on the division or team you’re advertising for. It’s a great & simple way to enhance different brands within your business, without too much effort, too.

It means each team/division/brand can have it’s own header image & logo on the job page of their vacancies.

We use this as part of our own recruitment process because we think it’s a great way to make sure applicants know how their potential new role will be dedicated to certain aspects of our business, just from looking at the vacancy page.

Here’s an example of the different brands on our current vacancies:

The feature isn’t limited to company brands either, you may want to use this feature for roles in different departments. For example, different images for vacancies in your marketing, technology and sales teams.

If you would like to enable Multi-Branding, please email help@easywebrecruitment.com or call 0845 880 5848 and we can arrange a quick web meeting to go through everything with you.