What’s new in release 2.22?

Everything has changed and yet everything is almost the same.

There, that was helpful!

Seriously though, on first glance the new UI (User Interface) might make you feel you just logged into the wrong system. Don’t panic – this is still EasyWeb ATS, it’s just had a makeover. Technically this release is the 22nd we’ve done since launch, so it has the catchy name of EasyWeb ATS 2.22.

Pretty much everything is in the same place as before – there are just a few changes that we wanted to highlight to you.

1. Speed

Time saving is the no.1 benefit of the ATS. We’re pleased to report that the new system is running 34% faster. The reason? Well much of the underlying code has been rewritten and we are running on a new framework. We won’t get any more technical than that, but you should notice that pages just load faster.

2. Better use of space

The original design of EasyWeb ATS 2.0 saw lots of unused “dead” space. Nowhere was this more apparent than in the most frequently viewed page – the applicant view. As you can see, the new design uses more of the available space, making the CV easier for you to read.

3. Looks cooler

EasyWeb ATS 2.0 was starting to look at little dated. Whilst we’re not experts in measuring ‘cool’, early feedback from the team suggests EasyWeb 2.22 is comfortably 19.3% cooler. The only thing that would make it even more awesome would be if you saw a Yeti when you logged in…

4. Job publishing

The new job publishing page is more visual, making it much easier to choose the relevant job boards and social media sites that you want to publish your vacancy to.

5. We’ve gone tag-tastic!

Most of our users know that the system allows you to search for candidates by name, keyword etc. However, most customers have no idea that you can tag candidates, helping to organise your database even better.

Those customers who’ve got into the routine of applying tags are able to easily locate candidates with key skills/experience or who have previously had a positive interview but were not hired.

You can read more about how tagging works here: https://www.easywebats.com/features/tags/

In the new release you’ll see that tags are much more prominent. We hope that this will encourage you to start tagging people like it’s 1984! Just don’t shout “You’re it!” every time you tag someone, this will likely result in strange looks from your colleagues.

6. Notifications

This is a bit of a bonus feature that was squeezed in at the last minute. You can now see a news feed of all the updates to your system (status changes, new applicants, etc).

In its present form this is not a super useful feature, but in the near future we plan on allowing users to control which type of actions they want to be notified about. For example, you might only want to see notifications for when hiring managers process applicants.

Let us know if you have any ideas on how you could make the most of this feature.

7. News updates

We know that your mailbox is busy, so you might miss important updates about the system. So, moving forward you should see important updates from us appear in the top right-hand corner.

When you click on this icon you’ll see the important announcement in the side panel that opens out.


We hope you’re starting to get excited about this release which is due very soon. Lester, Sandeep, Hemant and the rest of the team are all due a little rest after this mammoth effort to get this completed.

EasyWeb ATS version 2 is almost 3 years old and has had over £1m of investment to get us to where we are. We have added almost 100 customers so far this year and we encourage them all to give us feedback and suggestions on what they want us to do next. We have lots of very important updates due before the end of the year and a long list of updates we are very excited to get to work on in 2019. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback (adrian@easywebgroup.co.uk).

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” – Winston Churchill


    Adele Swift

    I appreciate the upgrade and there are new additions and nothing ever runs 100% perfect with these updates. However, I’ve had two very frustrating days. Started with being logged out of the system due to initial capitalisation errors on the login. Sorted that eventually. Some aspects of the development were not communicated well enough and training should have been given.
    Now the applicants are updating in real time so the dashboard is showing new applicants when there are none.
    Errors when trying to open new candidates.
    I think there are bugs that need fixing on the software.


      Adrian McDonagh

      Hi Adele,

      Sorry to hear about this. The team are working very hard to get these bugs resolved.


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