The Story so Far…


This is the first blog post for our new EasyWeb ATS website. We plan on adding blogs every week or two to keep customers, prospective customers and any other interested parties updated on the progress of EasyWeb ATS in terms of new clients, new features and other key events.

Just to bring you up to speed, we thought we would provide a brief history of EasyWeb ATS..

EasyWeb have been developing an Applicant Tracking System since 2012. The first version was internally called “Version 1” or “V1”. As a company, we managed the difficult transition from being a recruitment company to becoming, at least in part, a software company. Many painful lessons were learnt on this journey, but overall, it was a great success and our client base grew to 34 ATS clients over the 4 years.

Despite the success, we knew that the strategy had limitations. A V1 ATS customer might take up to two months to implement and a flurry of new clients would mean that the work on new features would have to stop. In 2015, we made the decision to develop a completely new ATS product, imaginatively called Version 2 (V2).

EasyWeb released V2 back in April 2016, it has all the bespoke features of V1 but most importantly, it’s much easier to develop and can be fully implemented in as little as 2 days. With the new version came a lot of flexibility; a lot of the work that was for developers such as creating applications forms and other customisations was moved over to the technical support team – meaning our developers can spend 90% of their working week developing new features to improve the product.

EasyWeb ATS now has over 120 clients and is growing rapidly with an average of  10 new clients per month. The head of the support team Lester Gibson, has been promoted to Head of Product Development. This move sees him working in a more product focused role, helping to review all the requested features we get from our clients and ensure the most relevant ones are prioritized. He also maintains our customer roadmap which you can see here.

Lester, is also overseeing the roll out of our New UI for Version 2 which should see the product look smarter and even easier to use.

This UI update will be covered in our next blog post, due shortly…