Case Study: Intersurgical

An Integrated Approach to Online Recruitment

The Client

Intersurgical have over 30 years’ experience in the medical devices industry and are a leading global designer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of medical devices for respiratory care support.

They provide flexible patient solutions for airway management, anaesthesia, critical care, and oxygen and aerosol therapy for those in emergency care, the hospital environment and in the home.

The Problem

Hiring for a high volume of roles per year, Intersurgical found their current Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to be hindering their recruitment success. Having to manually input roles into the system caused a backlog of work to be completed and prolonged the recruitment process.

With the system being unable to provide simple functions such as setting auto-emails and sending information to multiple candidates at once, the team were having to send rejection letters and interview invitations manually and individually to each candidate. The software simply was not saving them the time they needed on administration tasks. They decided they needed a more streamlined and cost-effective solution.

The Solution

When Intersurgical were referred to EasyWeb Recruitment by an employee, they decided to purchase a large order of recruitment campaigns which qualified them to receive EasyWeb ATS for free.

EasyWeb ATS would provide them with a flexible system to control the demands of their high volume recruitment. It would also help to store CVs and applications in one place whilst integrating with their current careers website.

The Hiring Manager portal would allow Intersurgical’s hiring managers to log in and view all CVs for their roles in one place, with the opportunity to use the dual screen to view both CVs and applications side-by-side. From here they can also reject / progress applicants and schedule interviews. The ability to schedule multiple interviews for the same job is a much more time-effective solution with confirmation emails being sent and the option to easily add the appointment to calendars.

The recruitment campaigns would give Intersurgical the additional help their roles need, as they include optimised job adverts written to perform well on job boards. All of their roles are advertised on major UK job boards and some additional specialist job boards for their niche roles.

The Result

Since using EasyWeb ATS, the team at Intersurgical have a more time-effective solution for their recruitment process and are now able to quickly log into an up-to-date system and progress / reject applications with one click. They have also been able to save time from manually writing and uploading rejection letters to the system and are now able to send these to multiple candidates in a smaller time-frame.

The ability for their job adverts to be uploaded by the EasyWeb team onto one system and be posted to both their careers site and in-house intranet has helped save time on their administration.

The recruitment campaigns providing an optimised job advert has also helped Intersurgical receive a more positive response for both their niche and non-specific skilled roles, whilst having all applications uploaded straight into the ATS, providing a more streamlined process for both candidates and hiring managers.

Hiring Managers have also seen benefits from the EasyWeb team screening CVs and creating applicant shortlists for each role. A combination of this and the dual window applicant viewer make it quicker and easier to screen, again saving more time in their day and giving them the chance to concentrate on interviewing the best applicants.