Welcome to our new blog on our brand new website!

First of all; Welcome everyone!

We’ve decided to launch a brand new blog for our brand spanking new website and we’re excited to share both with you. Here you’ll find everything we’re up to with EasyWeb ATS and meet our fantastic clients.

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably either thinking about getting an Applicant Tracking System or thinking of upgrading the one you already have.

We don’t mind why you’re here, we’re just glad that you are.

We won’t bore you with the details of our new website or the product we offer because you would have already seen that to get to here today. What we will bore you with (well hopefully not), is some incredible detail about EasyWeb ATS and what we have to offer you.

Now that this site is up and running, we plan on sharing with you all things applicant tracking!

We’ll upload details of new features on a bi-monthly basis and we’ll showcase new clients when they go live.

Our aim? For you to understand why our clients choose us, what they’re looking to gain from being with us, and the features they’re just itching to try out! Hopefully, if you’re making that all important decision as to whether to get an ATS or not, you’ll be able to see yourselves in some of our clients and turn that decision into action.

If there’s something on our blog that catches your attention or if there’s anything else you want to know about our system, then just send us an email on info@easywebats.com and we’ll be more than happy to go through your questions with you.

So for now, we bid you a farewell until our next post. Just remember to keep your eyes on this space.

From all of us here in Tech Corner, we’ll see you soon!

Becky Cellupica
Marketing & Events Executive at EasyWeb