Change Statuses and Trigger Automatic Emails

One of the main benefits of the ATS, is to help you automate many of your recruitment processes. One of the key ways this is achieved is the system providing you relevant options and understanding that in certain situations, you would like an email update sent to the applicant. These automated emails help save you time and deliver an improved candidate experience by keeping them updated.

The most commonly used example, is unfortunately with rejecting applicants. Typically, our ATS clients will have two options when rejecting an applicant, these are: “Reject (no email)” and “Reject (auto-email)”. The “Reject (no email)” status would typically by used if, for example, an applicant had phoned you and you had reviewed their application with them on the phone and verbally communicated that they were not suitable and you would not be progressing them.

In this situation, sending a further email might seem like you are drilling the point home. The “Reject (auto-email)” status would likely be the frequently used status here and could be applied to one or many applicants in one process, with all updated applicants receiving a reject email within minutes.

Please Note: If you are an Instant ATS customer your system will come pre-configured with a set of standard statuses and emails that should allow you to get up and running quickly with the system. If you are a Professional or Premium edition user of the system, then these statuses, and all the emails in the system, will all be updated to your exact needs as part of your implementation process.