GDPR and Northern Ireland Compliant Application Forms

GDPR compliance

All of our application forms can be integrated to include a link for applicants to view your privacy policy. It is a requirement of the new GDPR regulations, which become live in May 2018, that all organisations holding personal data can show that they have gained explicit consent from each user that they are holding data for. See below for how our application forms and job alert registration forms look to gain this consent.

Privacy Policy on Pre-Application Form

Privacy Policy on Job Alerts Registration Form

Applicants for work in Northern Ireland

The Good Friday Agreement requires employers in Northern Ireland to record and report on additional data to show that they are offering fair employment opportunities to all parts of the community. When applicants are applying for vacancies in Northern Ireland we are able to have the required additional questions inserted into the application form.

In addition, to this we are also able to provide specific reports to customers who need to report on the diversity of the applicants that they are receiving as applicants and then also separate reports on the diversity of applicants they are interviewing and hiring.