Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing & Contract

How long are your contracts?

Our contracts are either 12 months (Instant Edition) or 24 months (Professional & Premium Editions).

What if the plan I want is missing a feature or important 3rd party integration?

We recommend contacting us if there’s a feature you view as important that is not listed in our feature list, or a 3rd party you would like the ATS to be integrated with. We have an aggressive roadmap with lots of really important features planned for the next 12 months. However, we always look to our customer base to help focus this roadmap on the most relevant features and integrations. Our roadmap will typically show the features that are coming in the next two releases, you can see our roadmap here.

Why do you have two pricing plans?

There are two ways customers can choose to purchase the ATS. The traditional model would be to purchase licensing which is an annual fee to cover the costs of the licenses you need. We offer a competitive licensing model with a 1 user ATS (Instant Edition) starting at £1,188 per annum.

However, around 80% of our customers choose to purchase online advertising campaigns via EasyWeb Recruitment and then qualify for free ATS licensing. We heavily incentivise customers to choose this model and in most cases customers are only paying about 40% more in the overall amount they spend with us. For example, a customer purchasing a 2 user version of EasyWeb ATS Professional Edition would pay either £3,576 in licensing or could purchase £5,000 worth of online advertising campaigns and qualify for the same ATS licensing for free.

How do your online advertising campaigns work?

Whilst we are able to offer bespoke packages depending on a client’s specific needs, I will provide you two examples of our standard packages.

Standard Campaigns

Each campaign includes:

  • Optimised advert creation
  • Client branded adverts on CareerBuilder, CV Library & Jobsite
  • EasyWeb branded adverts on Reed, Monster & TotalJobs
  • Additional advertising on specialist and regional job boards
  • Management of all jobseeker enquiries

Price: From £2,000 for 4 campaigns (£500 each)

Managed Campaigns

Each campaign includes:

  • All of the above advertising and services included in the Standard Campaign
  • Search and approach of relevant candidates found on Reed, Jobsite, Monster & TotalJobs CV database
  • Searching and approaching passive candidates on LinkedIn
  • Manual screening of all applicants
  • Candidate skills assessment

Price: From £2,400 for 3 campaigns (£800 each)

Please note: For NFP/Charity/Public Sector clients we also offer an alternative product that includes advertising from charity/third sector relevant job boards. Please contact us if you want to know more about this offering.

Implementation & Training

What does a typical implementation look like?

The Instant edition comes with its own workflow (statuses/automatic emails) that is set. An implementation for an Instant edition customer would include a 30-60 minute requirement gathering call to answer lots of basic questions and cover off some more detailed areas such as how you want your jobs to look, the fields needed in your application form, etc. Your project manager will take 2-5 working days to configure the ATS to your requirements. Once this is completed a web training session will be arranged for all the relevant users.

The Professional and Premium editions are highly customisable systems. A typical implementation for these customers will include an onsite meeting to fully gather requirements. Your project manager will then take 2-4 weeks to configure your ATS. An onsite training session will then be arranged to train all relevant users on your new system.

How much of my time would a typical implementation require?

An Instant edition implementation would typically require about 2 hours work from the customer (1 hour to gather requirements, 1 hour to provide details such as departments, users etc.)

For Professional and Premium customers a typical implementation would require about 4-6 hours work from the customer.

How do you support clients’ training needs?

We offer unlimited (within reason) web training. This is training that takes place via a call from a member of the support team where they would show you their screen (or you show them yours) using GoToMeeting.

For new customers using our Professional and Premium editions we look to provide onsite training. This happens typically just before they go live. One onsite training session is included as part of your implementation fee. Any additional onsite training that is needed would incur a cost of £500 per day.

IT, Hosting & Security

In order to use EasyWeb ATS, do we need to install any software on local PCs or our servers?

No, our software is 100% cloud based (you access it via your internet browser).

Where and how is your data hosted? Which organisation is responsible for your data hosting?

Our application and data is hosted on Digital Ocean (London) with documents stored with Amazon Web Services (Dublin).

Our production environment is scaled across multiple servers (a minimum of three at any time) as demand requires providing both performance and redundancy. We are also investigating the potential benefit of running the application across multiple regions to provide added protection against localised issues.

Is their data centre ISO Certified?

Yes, Digital Ocean’s ISO27001:2005 certification can be found here:

Here is confirmation from AWS:

What level of security is provided?

Information on Digital Ocean’s security provisions can be seen here:

Information on Amazon Web Services’ security provisions can be seen here: &

What technical specification would you recommend to use the software?

To ensure efficient use of the software EasyWeb recommends ensuring recruiter / hiring manager users have:

  • A laptop or PC that has at least 2GB or more of RAM (we recommend 4GB)
  • Internet connection of 1MBps or better (broadband recommended)
  • An up to date browser. We currently support the following browsers:
    • Internet Explorer 11 and above
    • Firefox v40 or later
    • Chrome v44 or later
    • Microsoft Edge

Please note: For candidates searching and applying for jobs we also support Safari version 7 & 8.

To read more about how we protect your data see:

If you have a question that isn’t answered here we’d be happy to hear from you. Get in touch here.